St. Baristo
Attached Multi-Family Homes
Palm Springs, California
1795 to 2330 Square Feet
38 Units on 3.8 Acres

Best in American Living Awards
Gold Award
Best Attached Home- 9 to 19 u/a
Silver Award
Best Neighborhood,
Up To and Including 150 Units

PCBC Gold Nugget Awards
Merit Award
Residential Project of the Year, Attached Urban

Builder’s Choice Awards
Merit Award
Best Attached Community

Inaugural Prism Awards
Bungalow 1- Best Attached Housing,
$550,005 and Over

Options for Today’s Fine Homes
May/June 2006
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Prior to establishing Sennikoff Architects,
Steven Sennikoff designed and managed this project
while employeed at a previous architectural firm.
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Newport Beach, California II
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San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Paradise Valley, Arizona

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Long Beach, California
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