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Naples Canal Addition
Naples Island
Long Beach, California
1670 Square Feet

Project Narrative
One of our smaller projects....
the existing "house" was actually a duplex
with the only means for traveling
between the two floors was an exterior stair.
Tired of throwing on a robe and
fighting the elements to run downstairs,
we were challenged to provide an interior Stair.
We also enlarged the Master Bedroom
and provided a Study Area on the second floor.
On the first floor,
we shifted the garage
providing room for the new Stair,
and new Exercise Room.
Additional Project Team Members
General Contractor
Tom Bittner Construction
Structural Engineer
Castillo Engineering
Title-24 Consultant
Energy Compliance Services

A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T  S
Long Beach, California
Sennikoff Architects, Inc. 2016